Apartment module for NZS 4512 Type 5 analogue addressable fire alarm systems

Isolate Timer Module

The Pertronic Isolate Timer Module isolates a zone for a user-programmed time period, after which the zone is automatically re-enabled

F220 Fan Controls

The F220 Fan Control System is used with the F220 fire panel to monitor and control air handling equipment for AS 1670.1-compliant.

F100A Fan Controls

F100A Fan Controls are used in Pertronic F100A, F120A and F220 fire alarm systems. Designed to comply with AS 1670.1-compliant.

AALR-MF Loop Responder

Multi-Function Loop Responder

F100LRU Loop Relay

AA output module with 4 individually addressable channels: each with a switched, supervised 24 Vdc output, and a volt-free contact

Solenoid Interface

Interface units which allow allow analogue addressable control modules to activate and supervise a wide range of solenoids


Analogue Addressable MCP Conversion Module. Interfaces a conventional (NZS 4512) manual call point with a Pertronic AA loop.

8SAAIB Module

8 Spur Analogue Addressable Isolator Board

M500M Module

Analogue Addressable Monitor Module


Analogue Addressable Relay Control Module


AA Relay Module with Monitored Output


Analogue Addressable Zone Isolator Module

M500DMR Module

Analogue Addressable Dual Input + Dual Relay Output Module

M501M Module

AA Mini Monitor Input Module

M210E-CZR Module

Interface between a conventional detection zone and an AA fire panel. Especially suitable for zones in areas subject to explosive atmosphere

ISO524-1 Isolator

Analogue Addressable Short Circuit Unit

M201EA-240 Module

Intelligent addressable control module with one 2-pole output relay (1 pole NO, 1 pole NC). Built-in loop isolator

M201EA Module

Analogue addressable control module with one output channel. Built-in isolator for the AA loop

M220EA Module

Analogue addressable monitor module with two input channels. Built-in isolator for the AA loop

M221EA Module

Analogue addressable control & monitor module with two input channels and one output channel. Built-in isolator for the AA loop

CR-6 Module

Analogue addressable control module with six voltage-free form-C (change-over) relay contacts

IM-10 Module

Analogue addressable monitoring module with ten individually addressable inputs for normally-open contact devices


Analogue addressable control module with six supervised relay circuits for switching AC, DC, or audio


Blocking Capacitor Unit for use when connecting analogue addressable modules such as the Apartment Module or M500S to an EWIS 100V-Line


Analogue Addressable Euro Module Surface Mount Box

AA Module Mounting Box

Analogue Addressable Module Box

F100ZIPB Opto-Isolated IP Board

Eight-way opto-isolated input board for the Pertronic analogue addressable loop responder and multi-function loop responder