Dual Input Dual Output Module

Product Overview

The M500DMR is a dual input dual output module used for the monitoring of fire alarm and supervisory devices. It also provides two single pole changeover contacts for the control of auxiliary devices such as fire shutters.


  • Dual Input, Dual Output Module
  • Input 2 (I2) and Relay 2 (R2) can be individually disabled via module DIP switches
  • Incorporates an Isolator for the Analogue Addressable Loop
  • Uses 2, 3 or 4 module address spaces
  • Common mechanical platform for box, panel and DIN rail mount versions
  • Decade address switches visible and selectable in two planes
  • Wide angle LED visibility

Available Products

The following items in this product range are available.

Product Codes Description
M500DMR Analogue Addressable Dual Input + Dual Relay Output Module
M200E-SMB Analogue Addressable Euro Module Surface Mount Box
M200E-DIN 200 Series DIN Rail Mounting Bracket