F120TOF220 Upgrade KIT

Kit for upgrading an F120A system to an F220, including masterboard, keyboard+display, and brackets (excludes outer door)

In-Ceiling Detector Mount Kit

Kit of parts for mounting a point detector in a ceiling space.


Telescoping detector test magnet and pickup tool with LED light

CPTST Weatherproof

A tough, transparent, weatherproof polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point

SPIB Text Interface

Interface for printers, pagers, nurse-call pagers, and other text systems. Automatically exports selected event data as a serial text stream

8SAAIB Module

8 Spur Analogue Addressable Isolator Board


Bi-directional Modbus interface for connecting a F220 FACP with one or more Modbus master devices such as a Building Management System (BMS)

CPTST series

A tough, transparent, polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point. Fitted with warning sounder


Signal Generating Device (Advanced Protocol) for interfacing F100A, F220, and F120A fire panels with fire brigade alarm transmitters

CPTSTPRHTR Call Point Stopper

A tough, transparent, polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point, with built-in 230 Vac heater

Back Box

Back box for mounting a Pertronic manual call point on a flat surface

F4AUXRLYV2 Relay Board

Provides additional (auxiliary) fire and fault (defect) relays for an F4 conventional fire alarm control panel

CPPFPL Mounting Plate

Fascia panel for flush-mounting Pertronic Manual Call Points in place of large old manual call points (break-glass alarms)


Surface-mounting back boxes for L Series alarm (alerting) devices. Available in wall-mount and ceiling-mount variants.

DETREM Remote LED Indicator

Remote LED indicator


Replacement windows for Manual Call Points, including Snapglaze and Break-Glass types

Power Dist Board

Power Distribution Board


Test key for Pertronic testable manual call points

8WCOMR Board

8 Way Common Relay Board

F4-RMAX Module

Interface for connecting a remote LED mimic to an F4 fire alarm control panel. With auxiliary fire and auxiliary fault (defect) relays


Dual Relay, Slugged with Isolate, 2 x 4 A C/O 24 V

EXTSPKRHOUS Speaker Housing

Vandal-resistant enclosure for horn speakers. Power-coated zintec.


Auxiliary relay board with two form C (changeover) contacts rated 4 Amps, 30 Vdc (resistive). 24 Volt (nominal) coil

F100ZDRLY Relay Extender

8-Way Display Relay Extender Board

BASGLX BACnet Gateway

BACnet Gateway

CP500 Programmer

Handheld Programmer for Analogue Addressable Weatherproof Detectors

F100ZIPB Opto-Isolated IP Board

Eight-way opto-isolated input board for the Pertronic analogue addressable loop responder and multi-function loop responder


Flexible RS-232 extension lead with DB9 male and DB9 female connectors and straight-through connection


300 Series - Remote Hand Held Programming Unit


Replacement smoke sensor for FAAST LT-200 series aspirating smoke detectors

ECO1000RTU Laser Test Unit

Remote laser test unit for System Sensor 300 Series detectors


Smoke Pen


Smoke Pen (6 Sticks)

Fire Door Holders

Floor-mount or wall-mount electromagnetic door holders for fire doors

FDHWM38-24V Door Holder

Wall-mount electromagnetic door holder for fire doors

FDHWM65-24V Door Holder

Wall-mount electromagnetic door holder for fire doors

Lo Profile Keeper

Low profile keeper plate for magnetic fire door holders


Floor Mounting Bracket for FDHWM38-24V

FINDER12.21.0.024 Time Clock

Seven-day timer with single channel form C (change-over) relay output

MOXA-TCF-142 Series

MOXA serial to fire-optic converters for RS-232 and RS-485 circuits. Transmit up to 40 km over single-mode fibre-optic cable


Moxa serial to Ethernet interface kit with lead & null modem cable




DB9 female to DB9 female 2-metre RS-232 null modem cable

DETSTI-9713 Detector Guard

Smoke Detector Guard

DETSTI-9609-SS Web Stopper

Stainless steel wire guard, high profile, octagonal shape

STI-8200 Guard

Smoke Detector Guard

STI-8100 Guard

Smoke Detector Guard

DETWGSLG Detector Guard

Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE)

DETWGS Detector Guard

Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE)

DETWGH Detector Guard

Detector Wire Guard

DETB Detector Bracket

A right-angle mounting bracket for Pertronic heat detectors

SBB-17AH Bracket

Battery Bracket