Apartment Module

Product Overview

The Pertronic Apartment Module (AM-3, AMH-3, AMRH) reduces the complexity of an NZS 4512 Type 5 fire system by combining all of the components required into one compact product. 

One zone input circuit, capable of supporting: 

  • Up to 15 System Sensor 100 Series or 300 Series Photo-Electric Smoke Detectors, and
  • A total of 50 Pertronic Indicating Heat Detectors and Pertronic Indicating Manual Call-Points

An addressable monitored relay capable of switching 100 V audio signals. 

An in-built Isolator relay Internal and External Hush Button facility with adjustable Hush Time Delay Local smoke detectors may operate in either conventional or analogue mode.

The Apartment Module provides a cost effective solution for common installations such as apartment buildings, rest homes, student and backpacker accommodation.


  • Provides a ‘local’ alarm for operation of Smoke Detectors and a ‘global’ alarm for operation of Heat Detectors or Manual Call-Points. Conventional Smoke Detectors can initiate a global alarm provided they are not on the same Apartment Module as Smoke Detector s initiating a local alarm only
  • Compatible with current Pertronic Analogue Fire Control Panels – older panels may require a firmware upgrade: F100A: v4.54 or greater; F120A: v3.14 or greater
  • Uses two loop addresses - the first address for the conventional input circuit and the second address controls the monitored Sounder relay output
  • Maximum 45 Apartment Modules per loop 
  • Integrated within a Series 600 PDL flush plate. A range of switch covers is available to suit any décor
  • All controls and indicators are accessible by simply removing the front switch cover. There is no need to detach the Apartment Module from the wall or ceiling for servicing


Product Code Description
AMH-3 Analogue Addressable Type 5 Apartment Module with Hush Button
AM-3 Analogue Addressable Type 5 Apartment Module - Non Hush
AMRH Remote Hush Button