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Voltage Monitor Boards

Product Overview

Pertronic produces two kinds of Voltage Monitor Boards for monitoring power supply chargers. These products are designed for use with power supplies obtained from other suppliers. The voltage monitor board has a relay for signalling a fault condition to a fire alarm control panel. The relay is normally energised and deactivated if the power supply voltage goes outside the normal range. An LED on the voltage monitor board lights up if the voltage is within the normal range. The VMB-12V is designed for use in 12 volt (nominal) systems. The VMB-24V is for use in 24 volt systems.


  • Voltage monitoring for power supplies
  • Generates a fault indication on high or low voltage
  • Indicator LED goes out if voltage goes outside normal range Defect relay (form C normally activated) provides remote fault indication


Product Codes Description
VMB-24V Voltage Monitor Board 24 Volt
VMB-12V Voltage Monitor Board 12 Volt