Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detectors, Alkaline Resistant

Product Overview

The Pertronic Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detector is an NZS 4512:2010 compliant fixed temperature heat detector.

It has been designed such that the electronics are resistant to alkaline environments although the metal heat collector may show signs of corrosion after prolonged exposure. The detector is available in two temperature ranges (Blue: 57 °C and Yellow: 77 °C).  


  • Fast response, fixed temperature Fire Alarm Heat Detector
  • Resistant to alkaline cleaning solutions containing < 3% Potassium Hydroxide and/or < 3% Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Coloured differently from standard detectors for easy identification
  • Resistant to false activation caused by vibration or other transient impulses
  • Complies fully with NZS 4512:2010 
  • Bi-directional circuit connection leads - either ‘Red’ lead may be connected to the Fire panel
  • Vertically mounted PCB for improved resistance against condensation and water damage
  • Conformally coated and fully encapsulated PCB
  • Alarm condition clamps the circuit voltage to 2.2 V
  • Red LED indication: the LED latches ON when the thermo-mechanical sensor activates
  • De-powering the heat detector resets the LED 
  • Integral reverse polarity yellow LED for easy detection of wiring faults 
  • Reverse polarity connection causes “Hi Defect” fault warning on Pertronic panels. 


Product Code Description
IHDBEAR-V Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detector, Alkaline Resistance, Blue, 57 °C
IHDYEAR-V Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detector, Alkaline Resistance, Yellow, 77 °C