Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detector

Product Overview

The Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detector (OSID) is a pulsed dual-wavelength smoke detection system for large open areas.

By using advanced dual wavelength projected beams and optical imaging technology for early warning smoke detection, OSID mitigates typical beam detection issues such as false alarm incidents and alignment difficulties.


  • Maximum detection range of 150 m (492 ft) for the OSI-10
  • Dual wavelength LED-based smoke detection
  • Optical imaging with CMOS imaging chip
  • On-board event log for fault and alarm diagnostics
  • High tolerance to false alarm due to building movement
  • High tolerance to transient dust, steam and intrusion of solid objects
  • Easy alignment with large adjustment and viewing angles
  • No need for precise alignment
  • Tolerant of alignment drift
  • Automatic commisioning in under ten minutes
  • Simple DIP switch configuration
  • Simple and easy maintenance requirements
  • Three selectable alarm thresholds
  • Status LEDs for Fire, Trouble and Power
  • Conventional alarm interface for straightforward fire system integration


Product Code Description
OSI-10 Imager - 7° Coverage, 24 Vdc
OSI-90 Imager - 80°Coverage, 24 Vdc
OSE-SP-01 Emitter - Standard Power, Battery Version - Same product as OSE-RBL
OSE-SPW Emitter - Standard Power, 24 Vdc
OSE-HPW Emitter - High Power, 24 Vdc
OSID-INST Installation Kit, Laser Tool, Test Filter, PC Cable, Cleaning Cloth, Manual
OSID-EHE Emitter Environmental Housing IP66
OSID-EHI Imager Environmental Housing IP66
OSID-WG Wire Guard
OSP-001 OSID FTDI Cable 1.5 m
OSP-002 OSID Laser Alignment Tool

Click here to download the white paper: Beam Detection Systems