Analogue Addressable Detector Base

Product Overview

The B501AP series are plug-in bases for analogue addressable detectors and loop devices. These bases are deeper than the standard B501AUS, to suit devices such as the WST-strobes, WSS-sounder strobes, BSO-sounders, and BSS-sounder strobes.


  • Quick and secure detector plug-in
  • Connects to Pertronic analogue addressable loop (AA Loop)
  • Screw terminals for AA loop (+ and –) and remote annunciator
  • SEMS screws provide easy wiring connection
  • Suits cable from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²
  • Colours available in Black and White
  • Optional temper-resist feature


Product Code Description
B501AP Base for WST-DA/DR/PA/PR Wall Mount Strobe, White
B501AP-BK Base for WST-DA/DR/PA/PR Wall Mount Strobe, Black