Pertronic Sounder Base

Product Overview

The Pertronic Sounder Base (PSBAS2220) is an analogue addressable plug-in detector base with built-in sounder.

The PSBAS2220 generates a tone when the detector is in alarm.

The PSBAS2220 communicates with any Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm control panel via the AA loop. It may also be powered from a monitored bell or sounder circuit. If the bell circuit is reversed when the detector is normal, the evacuation tone will be sounded.

The PSBAS2220 is normally mounted by recessing it into the ceiling. A mounting ring is available for surface mounted applications.


Product Codes Description
PSBAS2220 Pertronic Sounder Base (Analogue Addressable B501) - AS 2220
PSBAS2220-AT Pertronic Sounder Base with Alert Tone - AS 2220
PLPSBMR Surface Mount Ring for AS 2220 Sounder, 125 x 40 mm (Dia x H)