Audio Distribution Module 4-Way

Product Overview

The Pertronic Audio Distribution Module 4-Way (ADM-4) provides multiple independently controlled and monitored 100 Vrms audio lines (channels). Several ADM-4 modules may be connected to a single amplifier, providing four switchable audio channels per ADM-4. This simplifies audio system installations by allowing four or more spurs from a single 100 Volt audio line without compromising the defect monitoring system.


  • Simplifies installation of audio evacuation systems by providing multiple monitored audio channels
  • Multiple units can be connected together, providing four channels per unit
  • A short circuit on one channel will be isolated allowing audio transmission over the other channels
  • Channel Select input provides individual channel switching
  • Superior 80 Watt per channel switching capacity
  • On-board DIP switch allows individual channels to be permanently selected
  • Separate open-circuit (O/C) and short-circuit (S/C) fault indicators for each channel
  • Control inputs can be isolated from the on-board circuitry
  • User selectable End of Line input resistor to suit amplifier specifications
  • Compatible with Pertronic 20 Watt & 50 Watt amplifiers, and amplifiers controlled by the Pertronic EVAC Generator Module