Redback Amplifiers Available for Pertronic NZ Fire Alarm Panels

In response to demand for amplifiers that can drive large numbers of evacuation speakers, we are now supplying Redback 120 Watt and 250 Watt evacuation amplifiers.

When used with the Pertronic Evacuation Tone Generator, either of these amplifiers will drive a monitored “100 Volt Line” audio distribution system. They can be used with any of our evacuation speakers, which have dc blocking capacitors in series with their 100 Volt matching transformers to ensure compatibility with the fault monitoring system.

The Redbacks need a 24 Volt (nominal) DC power supply. They are compatible with our ADM-2 and ADM-4 audio distribution modules, which split the audio output into multiple continuously - monitored audio circuits.

Product Code Description
EVAC120W24V Evac Amplifier 120 W 24 V
EVAC250W24V Evac Amplifier 250 W 24 V
EVACGEN-EA Evac Generator for up to 250 W