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RES485 Repeater

Product Overview 

The RS485 Repeater provides a means of creating electrically separate RS485 bus segments; this is especially useful to overcome connection difficulties due to non-standard hardware or wiring.

The unit provides bi-directional half-duplex communication between one ‘Master’ channel and up to five slave channels. Power supply connections have been provided with flexibility in mind: The master channel may optionally be fully electrically isolated from the slave channels, additionally one slave channel is available with full isolation from the four other slave channels.

As well as standard gear-plate mounting, the repeater has been designed to fit a FiBox standalone enclosure or mount directly on a fire panel master board in the SGD/Brigade interface board position. 


  • 1 x RS485 port (IDC plus Phoenix style) connection to/from Fire panel
  • 4 x non-isolated slave RS485 ports
  • 1 x isolated slave RS485 port
  • 1 x switch for master/external power
  • 1 x external DC in connection
  • 6 x optional 120Ω bus termination with Jumper link (1 for each RS485 connection)
  • 3 x LEDs, 1 for for DC power, 1 for RS485 RX, 1 for RS485 TX