Fire Alarm Control Panels

8-32 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel (NZS 4512:1997)

Product Overview

The Pertronic F16 fire alarm control panel responds to the operation of heat or smoke detectors or manual call points, and to summon a rapid and effective fire fighting response.

The F16 fully complies with NZS 4512:1997, all requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and is approved by NZ Fire Service for connection to the National Alarm Receiving Network. The F16 is a microprocessor-based system with advanced alarm signalling and automatic circuit testing features.


  • Cabinet: 1.2 mm mild steel powder coated "Off-white", 410 mm High x 450 mm Wide x 130 mm Deep or, 600 mm High x 450 mm Wide x 130 mm Deep
  • Power Supply: 220 – 230 Vac, 50 Hz 15 W
  • DC current consumption Normal (mains off): 110 mA
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid, 12 V, 6.5 Ah or 12 V, 15 Ah
  • Charger: Integral float charger (1 Amp) set to 13.7 V 
  • Power Supply Timer: Automatic 24 hour load test plus automatic ‘no battery present’ detection circuitry
  • All zones terminated with 10 K resistors. Alarm triggered by smoke detector operation with 6 second alarm verification or instantaneous operation for heat detector or manual call point
  • Up to 40 System Sensor photo electric smoke detectors or 40 System Sensor ionisation smoke detectors may be connected to each zone circuit in addition to Pertronic heat detectors and Pertronic manual callpoints
  • All circuits individually configurable for brigade signalling, alarm sounder operation, or indicator only operation (sprinkler flow switch)
  • Bell Relay: 12 Vdc, 5 A. Bell circuit monitored with a 10 K EOL terminating resistor
  • Bell circuits individually selectable for monitored or non monitored operation. · Integral Auxiliary Fire Relay
  • All circuits plus the common Fire, Defect, Normal and Sprinkler LEDs have relay drive capability for additional auxiliary relays
  • Internal Fire and Defect LEDs displayed for all circuits. · Monitored sprinkler pressure switch input with sprinkler operated lamp
  • Standard RS-485 serial port for remote mimic drive (up to 3 LED Mimics) and output of system status information. 
  • Front or Rear Service options 
  • Non Brigade Calling Smoke Detector option


Product Code Description
F16LR F16 RS 8cct (12V) 600 mm Panel :1997 - 12 Volt
F16LF F16 FS 8cct (12V) 600 mm Panel :1997 - 12 Volt
F16MR F16 RS 8cct 410 mm Mini Panel :1997 - 12 Volt
F16MF F16 FS 8cct 410 mm Mini Panel :1997 - 12 Volt
F16PXTNFS F16 FS 8cct Board, excl. LED Board :1997 - 12 Volt
F16PXTN F16 Rear Service 8cct Extension Board :1997 - 12 Volt


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