Fire Alarm Control Panels

8-32 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Overview

The Pertronic F16e is a conventional automatic fire alarm system designed for small to medium applications. The base system has 8 circuits – expandable to 32 circuits by adding extra 8-circuit Expander Modules. F16e Panels are available to comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and with New Zealand Standards NZS 4512:2010 and / or NZS 4512:1997.

The F16e supports Pertronic indicating Manual Call-Points, indicating Heat Detectors and Smoke Detectors with 2010 firmware and both indicating and non-indicating Manual CallPoints and Heat Detectors and Smoke Detectors with 1997 firmware. An F16e may be configured with separate 2010 and 1997 Master and Extender boards to provide circuits to both standards.


  • Power Supply Timer: Automatic 24-Hour load test with automatic ‘Battery Absent’ detection circuitry
  • 8 to 32 zones terminated with a 10 kΩ End-of-Line (EOL) resistor
  • Alarm triggered by smoke detector operation with 1-second alarm verification or instant operation for indicating heat detector or indicating manual callpoint
  • Up to 40 System Sensor photo-electronic smoke detectors or 40 System Sensor ionisation smoke detectors may be connected to each zone circuit in addition to 50 Pertronic indicating Heat detectors or indicating Manual CallPoints
  • Two (2) Bell circuits, rated at 24 Vdc, 5 A, monitored with a 10 kΩ, 1 % EOL terminating resistor


Product Code Description
F16ELF F16e FS 8cct 600 mm Panel :2010
F16ELR F16e RS 8cct 600 mm Panel :2010
F16EMF F16e FS 8cct 410 mm Mini Panel :2010
F16EMR F16e RS 8cct 410 mm Mini Panel :2010
F16ETF F16e FS 8cct 900 mm Panel :2010
F16ETR F16e RS 8cct 900 mm Panel :2010
F16EX F16e 8cct Extension Complete with LED Display :2010
F16ELF-97 F16e FS 8cct 600 mm Panel :1997
F16ELR-97 F16e RS 8cct 600 mm Panel :1997
F16EMF-97 F16e FS 8cct 410 mm Mini Panel :1997
F16EMR-97 F16e RS 8cct 410 mm Mini Panel :1997
F16ETF-97 F16e FS 8cct 900 mm Panel :1997
F16ETR-97 F16e RS 8cct 900 mm Panel :1997
F16EX-97 F16e 8cct Extension Complete with LED Display :1997


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