Conventional Panels

Single-Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Overview

The Pertronic F1-3 is a single-zone fire alarm control panel for use with conventional detectors in applications where brigade connection is not a requirement.

The F1-3 complies with the requirements of New Zealand Standard NZS 4512:2010 for single-zone Fire Alarm systems. The F1-3 supports smoke detectors, indicating manual call-points (MCP) and indicating heat detectors with the facility to internally mount one 20 Watt evacuation amplifier.


  • ‘Normal’, ‘Defect’ and ‘Fire’ indication on front panel
  • ‘Internal Bell Cut-Off’ and ‘External Bell Cut-Off’ (BCO)
  • Alarm reset available from a front panel key-switch
  • Trial evacuation key-switch
  • Automatic Alarm Verification Facility (AVF) provides substantial protection against transient false alarms
  • Supervised bell circuit with 10 kΩ EOL resistor
  • Optional 100 Vrms line amplifier with voice evacuation message
  • ‘Battery Absent’ detection circuitry
  • Supervising earth leakage
  • Integrated piezo Alarm and Defect sounder warning
  • On-board system ‘Defect’ LED indicates source of fault
  • Door Interlock
  • Fire and Defect clean contact relays (C/O)
  • Complies with the requirements of New Zealand Standard NZS 4512:2010


Product Code Description
F1-3 F1, 1cct Panel - 12 Volt
F1-3EA F1, 1cct Panel with 20W Evac Amp - 12 Volt


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