Conventional Panels

F4 Type 5 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Overview

Pertronic Industries’ Four Zone Type 5 Fire Alarm panel is designed for low cost Fire Alarm systems. It is modified to meet requirements for small residential applications and is NZS 4512:2010 compliant. Support is provided for Pertronic Indicating Manual Call-Points, Indicating Heat Detectors and System Sensor Smoke Detectors with the facility to internally mount one 20W Evacuation amplifier.

Standard Features

  • ‘Normal’, ‘Defect’ and per circuit ‘Fire’ indication on front panel
  • ‘Internal Bell Cut-Off’ and ‘External Bell Cut-Off’ (BCO)
  • Alarm reset available from a front panel key-switch
  • Trial Evacuation key-switch
  • Detectors automatically reset at end of the Hush period
  • Fire & Defect C/O relays with Fire relay Isolate switch
  • Automatic Alarm Verification Facility (AVF) provides substantial protection against transient false alarm activation
  • Monitored Bell circuit with up two 100 Vrms line amplifiers with voiced Evacuation message
  • ‘Battery Absent’ detection circuitry
  • Earth Leakage monitoring
  • Integrated piezo alarm and ‘Piezo on Defect’ warning
  • System ‘Defect’ LED indicates source of fault
  • Door Interlock
  • Brigade ‘Isolate’ and ‘Test’ switches
  • Electrically isolated interface to an alarm transmitter (SGD)
  • ‘Bell Only’ configuration available (on Circuit 4) to monitor DBA

Type 5 Features

  • Optional Zonal Hush button temporarily silences local sounders for 2 minutes if they have been activated by Smoke detectors within that zone
  • Detectors are automatically reset at the end of the Hush period
  • Zone 1 can be configured as a global Brigade calling zone
  • Zone 4 may be configured as a normal Zone or to monitor a Sprinkler (DBA) circuit 


Product Code Description
F4FS-3EAT5 F4 FS Type 5 c/w 20W Evac & Sound Cont Bd & Hush - 12 Volt
F4RS-3EAT5 F4 RS Type 5 c/w 20W Evac & Sound Cont Bd & Hush - 12 Volt


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