Conventional Panels

Four-Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Overview

The Pertronic F4-3 is a four-zone fire alarm control panel for use with conventional detectors.

The F4-3 supports Smoke Detectors, indicating Manual Call-Points (MCP) and indicating heat detectors, and has the facility to internally mount one or two 20 Watt evacuation amplifiers. It provides an option for brigade connection and complies with the requirements of New Zealand Standard NZS 4512:2010 and the New Zealand Building Code.


  • ‘Normal’, ‘Defect’ and per circuit ‘Fire’ indication on front panel
  • ‘Internal Bell Cut-Off’ and ‘External Bell Cut-Off’ (BCO)
  • Alarm reset available from a front panel key-switch
  • Trial Evacuation key-switch
  • Fire & Defect C/O relays with Fire relay Isolate switch
  • Automatic Alarm Verification Facility (AVF) provides substantial protection against transient false alarm activation
  • Supervised bell circuit with 10 kΩ EOL resistor
  • Maximum of two 20 Watt 100 Vrms line amplifiers with voice evacuation message
  • ‘Battery Absent’ detection circuitry
  • Earth leakage supervision
  • Integrated Alarm and Defect piezo for audible warning
  • On-board System ‘Defect’ LED indicates source of fault
  • Door Interlock
  • Brigade ‘Isolate’ and ‘Test’ switches
  • Electrically isolated interface to an alarm transmitter (SGD)
  • DBA mode ‘Non Latching, Bell Only’ configuration available (on Circuit 4)
  • Automatic daily load test with automatic ‘Battery Absent’ detection circuitry
  • Complies with the requirements of New Zealand Standard NZS 4512:2010


Product Code Description
F4FS-3 F4 Panel Front Service - 12 Volt
F4RS-3 F4 Panel Rear Service - 12 Volt
F4FS-3EA F4 Front Service Panel with 20W Evac - 12 Volt
F4RS-3EA F4 Rear Service Panel with 20W Evac - 12 Volt

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