Software Applications

Ethernet Gateway Mk2 Card

Product Overview

The Pertronic Ethernet Gateway Mk2 Card (NET2GATE) enables Pertronic analogue addressable panels to interface to an Ethernet network. The gateway card is used in conjunction with the Pertronic FireMap® graphic system for remote management and monitoring of Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm panels over an IP based Ethernet LAN or the internet. The gateway card formats, filters and distributes the panel data to the Ethernet, leaving the panel with the important task of detecting and reporting alarms.

Typically mounted inside the fire alarm panel, the Ethernet gateway card allows data from the panel’s RS485 mimic port to be available to external equipment, such as Pertronic FireMap®, enabling the status of the panel to be shown pictorially with user control facilities for Isolate, Acknowledge and Reset. This provides remote interrogation of the panel to allow detector status to be checked and other functions.

16 digital inputs are available to interface with other equipment, such as Pertronic or third party conventional fire alarm control panels to signal multiple event types to the Pertronic FireMap® graphics system.


  • Standard TCP / IP Ethernet interface
  • Panel RS485 to Ethernet data conversion
  • Web based configuration via onboard USB-Ethernet adapter
  • Simple firmware upgrade via USB flash drive
  • Low quiescent current
  • IP, Netmask and Gateway address configurable via web interface