Network Card

Product Overview

The Pertronic F100/F120 Network System can connect up to 99 nodes using the two-wire RS485 data communication loop connected to network cards at each panel or display. 34 nodes can be Pertronic F100A or F120A fire alarm control panels. The network is fault tolerant so that a single break or short-circuit anywhere in the communication loop will not compromise the operation of the system. A computer may be connected to any of the network cards to configure and program the network.

NETCD-NCU Features

  • Displays all alarms, network inputs and pre-alarms by device descriptor and panel location (Alarm, Network and Pre-Alarm queues)
  • Allows ‘Reset’ and ‘Isolation’ of alarms and network inputs from the relevant queue
  • Isolate queue: indicates all devices that have been isolated across the network
  • Network Fault queue: indicates fault conditions specific to the network
  • Panel Fault queue: indicates the panels, which have fault conditions and the number of faults
  • System Event queue: displays system events eg. ‘Silence Alarms’, ‘Evacuate’, etc. for each panel
  • The ability to select any panel on the network and control its functions directly
  • All menu items of the selected panel may be accessed – status, history log, etc


Product Code Description
NETCARD Network Card - F100 / F120 Panels / LED Mimics
NETCD-NCU Network Card for Network Control / Display Unit