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48-Way Open Collector

Product Overview

The 48-way open collector board when used in conjunction with the Led address controller board provides a cheap and easy solution for controlling large numbers of connected LEDs and / or Relays.

The open collector outputs are accessed via 10-way IDC connectors. For compatibility, each connectors pin layout is identical to the open collectors pin layout on the F16e, F100 and F120 panels. Each connector provides a +ve output and 0V reference.

Each open collector output has a link that when removed, connects an in line 2K2 resistor to the output. This removes the need to hand solder resistors to remote LEDs.

A DC connector is provided for when connection to an external supply is necessary. A link is used to connect the external DC supply to the output connectors +ve output.

When the OE link is in the ‘normal’ position, the outputs drive low when addressed. If the OE link is set to the ‘external’ position, then the outputs are disabled.

To reduce wiring congestion, the connectors on the PCB have been arranged so that wire looming flows from the edge of the board, to the middle, and out the sides. Two holes are provided for when cable ties are needed to secure the loom. All sensitive components are located away from where they can be damaged. See diagram below.

A maximum of ten 48-way or twenty 24-way Open Collector Boards may be connected together (480 outputs total).   


Product Code Description
48WOC-IF RS485 to 48-Way Open Collector Output Board
24WOC-IF RS485 to 24-Way Open Collector Output Board