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LED Display Boards

Product Overview

The RS485 LED Display Units (F100PDB & F100PDB12) are repeater / mimic displays that connect to the RS-485 Mimic Bus of Pertronic F120A, F100A, F16e, and F16 fire alarm control panels. These displays may also be connected to the Pertronic Network Card (NETCARD) RS-485 Mimic Bus.

The 12-way LED display board (F100PDB12) has four global indicators (Sprinkler, Fire, Defect and Normal) plus eight LED zone indicators. Additional 8-way display boards (F100PDB) expand the number of LEDs up to the fire alarm control panel's maximum capacity. (Please refer to the relevant fire alarm contor panel datasheet for details).


  • RS485 LED Mimic Address set by jumpers
  • Onboard fault diagnostic LED indicator
  • Supervised by the fire alarm control panel
  • Six onboard system function inputs (12-way LED only)
  • Four onboard system function outputs (12-way LED only)


Product Code Description
F100PDB12 12-Way Smart LED Display Board for F100, F120, F16e
F100PDB 8-Way LED Display Extension Board for F100, F120, F16e
LAC12W LED Zone Address Offset for 12-Way LED Board