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LCD Mini Mimic

Product Overview

The Pertronic LCD Mini-Mimic is a remote display for Pertronic F100A and F120A analogue addressable fire alarm display panels.

The mini-mimic may be connected in one of three modes:

Full mode:

  • The panel and mimic have full poll & response functions
  • The mini-mimic displays all messages: ‘Alarm’, ‘Defect’ and ‘System’
  • All mini-mimic buttons are functional

Slave mode:

  • The panel and mimic have no poll/response functions
  • No command interaction is available, except for silencing the in-built buzzer

Alarm Only mode:

  • ‘Defect’ or other system messages are not displayed, providing an unambiguous display for ‘Alarm’ messages only


  • 2-line, 40-character, alpha-numeric LCD display
  • Backlit LCD Display in ‘Alarm’ Condition
  • May be configured to display all messages, or ‘Alarm’(s) only
  • Local buzzer with extension buzzer output
  • 'Buzzer Silence' switch - cancels the in-built buzzer
  • F100AMM-3 versions only: 'Next’ switch - allows selection of queued messages for NZFS use as required in NZS 4512:2010


Product Codes Description
F100AMM-3 F100A LCD Mini Mimic
F100AMMR-3 F100A LCD Mini Mimic c/w Reset
F100AMMRZ-3 F100A LCD Mini Mimic Zone Select, Alarm Only
F100AMMRZ-3NR F100A LCD Mini Mimic Zone Select, No Reset
F100AMM F100A LCD Mini Mimic without NEXT