Remote LED Indicator Unit

Product Overview 

Pertronic Industries' Remote LED Indicator Unit is a remote annunciator designed and manufactured by Pertronic Industries for use on System Sensor Conventional (Series 100 and 300) and Analogue (Series 200) Detectors as well as Pertronic Remote LED Indicating Heat Detectors.


  • Fast response, fixed temperature Fire Alarm Heat Detector
  • Protected against false activation caused by vibration or other transient impulses
  • Complies fully with NZS 4512:2003
  • Brass Circuit 
    terminals accept up to 1.5 mm² cable
  • Remote LED terminals accept 0.75 mm² cable
  • Bi-directional circuit connection terminals - either of the ‘Red’ terminals may be connected to the fire panel
  • Red LED indication: the LED latches ON when the thermo-mechanical sensor element activates. De-powering the heat detector resets the LED
  • The detector clamps the circuit voltage at 2.3 V
  • The Remote LED (DETREM) is compatible with and may be used with System Sensor detectors