Fire Door Holder

Product Overview

The Fire Door Holder (FDHWM65-24V) allows fire detection and alarm systems to control fire doors.

When energised, the electromagnet holds the door open by magnetically attracting a keeper on the door. In the event of a fire alarm the electromagnet is de-energised, releasing the door. Pertronic fire alarm control panels offer several methods of controlling electromagnetic door holders, including panel door holder relays, analogue addressable relay modules, and Pertronic Ancillary Peripherals. Each door holder has a manual release switch, reverse polarity protection diode, and suppression diode. It is supplied complete with an adjustable keeper.


  • Adjustable keeper
  • Wall mount and floor mount versions
  • Tested according to EN1155 (Electrically powered hold-open devices)
  • Manual release switch
  • Reverse polarity and suppression diodes