In-Ceiling Detector Mount Kit

Product Overview

The Pertronic In-Ceiling Detector Mount Kit and Detector Mount Pole together provide a convenient method to allow detector coverage in an above-ceiling location where the mandatory access to the detector would be otherwise difficult. The kit has 4 main parts, The Cover Plate, Pole Base, Ceiling Bracket and Detector Mounting
Bracket. One or more 1m poles are required depending on the installation requirement. A universal detector base bracket allows the user to mount a base from most detector manufacturers. Either conventional or analogue detectors may be used with their respective detector bases. A Remote Indicator is available to provide visual
alarm indication for a concealed detector at the ceiling.


  • Allows detector mounting height up to 3 metres
  • 1 metre poles available separately
  • Universal detector mount bracket compatible with analogue or conventional detector bases
  • Optional remote indicator mounts to pole base fitting
  • Pole base fitting locks tightly into ceiling bracket
  • Spring clips allow cover plate to easily snap to pole base
  • Choice of labels supplied:
    - FIRE ALARM label for use with a remote indicator
    - FIRE DETECTOR label for use if a remote indicator is not used 


Product Codes Description
PIC-DMK In-Ceiling Detector Mount Kit
PIC-DMP In-Ceiling Detector Mount Pole
PIC-DRI In-Ceiling Detector Remote Indicator