Beam Interface board

Product Overview

The 6500RS Conventional Beam Interface (6500RS Interface) board provides an interface between the System Sensor 6500RS Conventional Beam Detector (6500RS Beam Detector) and a Pertronic Loop Responder, F16e or F4 conventional panel. This supplementary board connects directly to the connectors inside the Beam Detector without compromising an existing 6500RTS-KEY Remote Annunciator and Control Unit. The 6500RS Interface operates from 24 Vdc, sourced from either the Panel supply or from an independent power supply – this may be isolated or non-isolated. The 6500RS Interface complies with NZS 4512:2010.


  • Fits inside the 6500RS Beam Detector
  • 4-wire connection: conventional zone circuit and power supply
  • Connects to 20V conventional zone circuit
  • Powered from isolated or non-isolated 24 Vdc power supply
    - F16e or local Loop Responder - powered from panel supply
    - F4 or remote Loop responder - powered from independent, isolated power supply
  • Uses ‘Smoke’ and ‘Defect’ regions for ‘Off-Normal’ indication
  • The 6500RS Beam Detector automatically Resets with the conventional zone circuit
  • Provides Form C ‘Defect’ contacts : N/C, COM, N/O for external signaling
  • Supports connection of a 6500RTS-KEY remote annunciator and control unit