Modbus Interface

Product Overview

The Pertronic Modbus Interface allows bi-directional communication between a Pertronic F120A analogue addressable fire alarm control panel and one or more Modbus master devices. The Modbus Interface stores a copy of the panel’s current event queue data in a Modbus-compatible format, including all data that is accessible from the panel’s LCD display.


  • Functions as Modbus slave (server)
  • Modbus connection configurable RS-232 or RS-485, 300 bit/s to 115,200 bit/s
  • Supports Modbus TCP when connected to RS-485 to TCP adapter
  • Provides all data accessible via the fire alarm control panel’s LCD display
  • Emulates up to four analogue addressable loops, each with up to 159 detectors and 99 modules (Note 1) 
  • Optional fault monitoring between Modbus Interface and control panel
  • Configurable with a PC running a terminal emulation program via USB mini-B cable
  • Electrically isolated from the fire alarm control panel’s RS-485 Mimic Bus 
  • On-board LEDs provide diagnostic information