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Photoelectric Smoke Detector - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

2012/24AUS photoelectric smoke-alarm integrates a powerful microcontroller inside, it has a built-in silence/test push button, visible led indicating standby and alarm modes, a delay on the Form ‘C’ relay and contains a 9 V battery backup. Can be powered from a full wave rectified DC power supply.


  • 9 V battery backup
  • HUSH feature
  • Test push button
  • One Form ‘C’ Relay
    Activates on either local alarm or SIGRLY interconnected signal received
    8 seconds activating delay on alarm
    5 Seconds resetting delay after alarm stops
  • Check for low chamber fault performed when in Standby
  • Audible indication synchronised with LED blinking during silencing period
  • Audible indication synchronised with LED blinking when in low battery fault
  • Visual and audible indication when chamber test fails
  • Direct Wire