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4-Wire Ionization Air Duct Smoke Detector - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

DH100ACDCI is a 4-wire Ionization Air Duct Smoke Detector capable of sensing smoke in air velocities from 2.54 to 20.32 m/sec. This detector was developed to constantly monitor the air within a duct and to detect the presence of smoke.


  • Air velocity rating from 500 to 4000 feet per minute (2.54 to 20.32 m/sec.)
  • Patented interconnectabillity for multi-fan shutdown (up to ten air handlers)
  • Patented telescopic sampling tube
  • Patented cover tamper trouble signal
  • 24 Vac / dc or 120 / 240 Vac operation
  • High-Low voltage barrier 
  • Equipped with two DPDT Form C relay contacts
  • Built-in reset button
  • Outside mounting tabs
  • Easy and quick mounting to round or rectangular ducts from 1′–12′ (0.3–3.7 meters) wide
  • Easy to clean
  • UL recognized field-replaceable power and sensor boards
  • Remote test station option
  • Remote sounder option
  • Transparent cover for convenient visual inspection