AA Fire Fan Controls

Product Overview

Pertronic Fan Controllers is used by Pertronic addressable fire alarm systems to monitor and control the fans used for clean air and smoke exhaust systems within buildings.

The Fan Controller has been designed to comply with AS 1668, used to control a particular fan through a building services interface, consists of two principal modules and two optional modules:

- Fan Control Unit: is normally mounted at the fire alarm panel and incorporates a mode switch (RUN, AUTO, and STOP), fan state indicator LEDs, and the timing and control functions required. The Fan Control Unit may be operated in latching or non-latching modes (jumper selectable on the unit).

- Fan Interface Unit: is usually located near the fan at the building services interface, and is commanded by the Fan Control Unit to start and stop the fan. The Fan Interface Unit also reports whether the fan is running or has a fault condition back to the Fan Control Unit. - also referred to as the Fan Relay Unit. 

- Isolate / Reset Unit: an optional module used to isolate groups of Fan Controllers and reset latched states in Fan Controllers selected for latching operation. The Isolate/Reset Unit may also be used to initiate a lamp test for the group of Controllers connected to it. An off -normal Fan Control switch interlock input to the panel is also provided.

- Fan Control Key-Switch: an optional key-switch module used to Isolate/Enable the switches on the Fan Control Unit. Note that the Fan Control Key-Switch does not influence the operation of the fans, but prevents tampering with the Fan Control Unit and Fan Isolate / Reset Unit

The Control and Interface units are linked together by the addressable loop (the two principal modules must be on the same loop and use successive addresses) and the fire panel.


Product Code Description
F100PFCR  AA Fan Control Relay in 125 x 125 x 56 mm Enclosure 
F100PFCU AA Fan Control Unit
F100PFCRST AA Fan Control Reset Unit
F100PFFSW AA Firemans Fan Switch Unit


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