Isolate Timer Module

Product Overview

The Pertronic Isolate Timer Module (ITM) allows a zone to be isolated for a user-programmed period, after which the zone is automatically re-enabled.

The isolate timer is designed to prevent unwanted alarms during maintenance or other activities that may trigger an alarm activation.

Two versions of the isolate timer are available:

  • ITM: Maximum isolate period, 8 hours
  • ITM-3HR: Maximum isolate period, 3 hours


  • Provides the ability to isolate a zone for a programmable period of time
  • Provides visual confirmation that the zone is isolated
  • Displays the current zone status: Normal, Isolate, or Alarm
  • Provides visual and audible warning that the isolate period is about to expire
  • Analogue Mode: Connects to Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm control panels via the AA loop
  • Stand-Alone mode: Connects to conventional fire panels or VESDA aspirated detectors
  • May be mounted in standard single-gang flush or surface-mount electrical fittings
  • Supplied with a protective plastic cover for use during building construction


Product Code Description
ITM Isolate Timer Module
ITM-3HR Isolate Timer Module, Max 3 Hour Isolation