Analogue Addressable Euro Dual Input Module

Product Overview

The Dual Input Module (M220E) is suitable for monitoring fire alarm and supervisory devices.

It has two tri-colour (red, yellow, green) LEDs: One for each channel. Each LED can be set by panel command to pulse green when the module channel is polled by the fire alarm control panel.

In the event of an alarm the panel can switch on the red indicator continuously.

The M220E module indicates an open-circuit fault on either input circuit by setting the relevant LED to blink yellow. This fault indication is always overridden by a panel command turning on the red indicator.


  • Common mechanical platform for box, panel and DIN rail mount versions
  • Tri-colour LEDs
  • Built-in short circuit isolators
  • Decade address switches visible and selectable in two planes
  • Wide angle LED visibility