Hazardous Area Detection

Orbis Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke Detector

Product Overview

The Orbis Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke Detector (ORB-OP-52028) is a photo-electric conventional smoke detector for use in hazardous areas.

The ORB-OP-52028 complies with British Standard BS EN 54-7 (AS ISO 7240.5) for point-type smoke detectors.

The smoke sensing chambers in Orbis I.S. optical smoke detectors have sensors that measure both back-scattered and forward-scattered light. This gives improved sensitivity to black smoke, compared with detectors that measure only forward-scattered light.

Software in the ORB-OP-52028 is designed to reduce the likelihood that a non-fire source will initiate an alarm.

The ORB-OP-52028 may be interfaced with Pertronic conventional fire alarm control panels and the Pertronic Multi-Function Loop Responder via the Pertronic Galvanic Isolator Interface (ISGAIFNZSSAP). Please refer to the datasheet for details.


  • Intrinsically-safe photo-electric smoke detector
  • Complies with British Standard BS EN 54-7 (AS ISO 7240.7) for point-type smoke detectors
  • Standards & Approvals: EN 54-7, ATEX, BASEEFA, BOSEC, BV, CCS, CPD, DNV-GL, FG, IECEx, LPCB, LR, KRS, MED, and SBSC


WARNING: The information on this website must not be used as partial or full instructions for the design, construction, installation, commissioning, or maintenance of systems in hazardous areas. Cabling and fire system devices in hazardous areas must be designed and installed by properly qualified persons, in accordance with all applicable standards and regulations.