Ceiling Mount Strobe, Red

Product Overview

The L-Series Ceiling Mount Strobe (SCRL) is a conventional (dc-operated) visual alarm device intended to alert building occupants of emergency situations.

The SCRL features seven field-configurable brightness settings.


  • Plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box
  • Field-selectable brightness settings:¬†15, 30, 75, 95, 115, 150, and 177 candela
  • Mounting plate shorting spring allows wiring continuity check before device installation
  • Tamper-resistant construction
  • This device flashes when provided with a DC power supply of correct voltage and polarity
  • Compatible with the fault supervision system on Pertronic fire alarm control panel External Bell & Warning System outputs
  • Electrically compatible with legacy SpectrAlert and SpectrAlert¬†Advance devices