Coloured Strobe Lens

Product Overview

Red, blue and amber strobe lens for wall-mount L-Series and SpectrAlert Advance™ strobes open up new possibilities for visual warning systems. On a staged evacuation system, an amber strobe can be used for the “Alert” signal, meaning: “Get ready to evacuate”. A white or red strobe means “Evacuate Now!”

A blue strobe stands out from the red beacons on fire trucks and emergency vehicles. In the Auckland region, blue strobes are sometimes used for highlighting fire-fighter mimic panel locations.

Coloured lens may be used to convert any wall-mount L-Series and SpectrAlert Advance™ strobe from white to a coloured strobe light. Coloured strobes may be used as warning devices for Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) or Mass Notification Systems (MNS).

Coloured lens have a self-adhesive flange with a peel-off protective liner for quick, easy installation.


  • Lens (LENS-A2-B2-R2) fit all wall-mount L-Series strobes and horn strobes including SRL and P2WL
  • Lens (LENS-A-B-R) fit all wall-mount SpectrAlert Advance™ strobes and horn strobes including SR, SRK, P2W-P and P4R
  • Easily adapt any wall-mount SpectrAlert Advance™ and L-Series strobes for ECS / MNS events such as severe weather, toxic gases, or sprinkler activation
  • Outdoor rated from -37 °C to 66 °C
  • Lens available in Amber, Blue and Red


Product Codes Description
LENS-A Amber Lens for SpectrAlert Advance Strobes
LENS-A2 Amber Lens for L-Series Strobes
LENS-B Blue Lens for SpectrAlert Advance Strobes
LENS-B2 Blue Lens for L-Series Strobes
LENS-R Red Lens for SpectrAlert Advance Strobes
LENS-R2 Red Lens for L-Series Strobes