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In-Ceiling Detector Mount Kit
The PIC-DMK detector mounting kit, along with one or more PIC-DMP poles and the optional PIC-DRI remote indicator together provide a convenient method to allow detector coverage in an above-ceiling location where the mandatory access to the detector would be otherwise difficult. A universal detector base bracket allows the user to mount a detector base from virtually any detector manufacturer. Either conventional or analogue detectors may be used with their respective detector bases.

The Pertronic Battery Bracket SBB-17AH is used to prevent batteries from moving during seismic events. The bracket improves seismic performance of Pertronic products including the F16e, F100A and F120A Fire Alarm Control Panels. It fits the 600 mm, 900 mm, and double door cabinets. Two holes are provided for fixing to the bottom of the cabinet.

Dimensions: 400 x 169 x 77 mm (W x H x D) (Note: This statement specifies nominal physical dimensions. Actual dimensions may vary slightly. Material: Powder-coated Steel. Colour: Off-white Ripple 28897072

Callpoint Stopper II CPTSTPRF (STI-1100 Flush), CPTSTPRS (STI-1130 Surface), CPTSTPRWP (STI-3150 Weatherproof)
Callpoint Stopper II consists of a clear, tamperproof, super tough polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over manual call points.

Door Holders FDHW/F175-24V  Fire Door Holder Wall/Foor Mount 150mm/175mm
FDHW/F325-24V  Fire Door HolderWall/Floor Mount 300mm/325mm
FDHWM65-24V  Fire Door Holder Wall Mount 65mm
FDHWM38-24V  Fire Door Holder Wall Mount Slim 38mm
FDHFLBKT  Floor Mounting Bracket for FDHW38-24V
Electromagnetic Door Holders allow fire detection and alarm systems to control fire doors. When energised, the electromagnet holds the door open by magnetically attracting a keeper on the door. In the event of a fire alarm the electromagnet is de-energised, releasing the door.

Smoke Detector Guard DETSTI-8100
Smoke Detector Guard are easy to install, in areas where physical abuse is causing false fire alarms or high maintenance costs. DETSTI-8100 is for flush mounted smoke detectors and is constructed of clear polycarbonate.

Smoke Detector Guard DETSTI-8200SS
Smoke Detector Guard are easy to install, it helps assure that the smoke detector will remain operational in applications where vandalism and accidental damage are causing false fire alarms or high maintenance costs. DETSTI-8200SS is a cold-rolled steel model painted white for flush mounted smoke detectors.

Smoke Detector Guard DETSTI-9713
DETSTI-9713 Smoke Detector Guard is constructed of 9-gauge steel wire with corrosion resistant polyester coating or 9-gauge stainless steel wire. Borrowed from nature's master builder, the spider, to create a web of protection from vandalism and accidental damage.

Detector Wire Guard (HEAT) DETWGH
Detector Wire Guard (HEAT), 90mm dia X 45mm high. Used in applications to guard against vandalisms and accidental damages.

Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE) DETWGS
Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE), 120mm dia X 90 high. Used in applications to guard against vandalisms and accidental damages.

Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE) DETWGSLG
Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE), 200mm dia X 85 high. Used in applications to guard against vandalisms and accidental damages.

Smoke-Pen emits white test smoke.
Burn Time 30min/wick
Size 150mm long X dia 13mm

Smoke Pen refill pack SMOKEPR
Smoke-Pen refill pack. 6 wicks per pack.

KAC Door Magnet Floor Bracket WMAGFB (Superceeded by FDHFLBKT floor mounting braket)
KAC Door Magnet Floor Bracket is a matching bracket available to fix the door retainer to the floor.

KAC Door Magnet WMAGDR2440 (Superceeded by FDHW series fire door holder)
KAC Door Magnet (24V DC) can be used to hold open fire doors, which are then released when power to the unit is removed in the event of an alarm condition via a local relay.

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