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8 Way Common Relay Board 8WCOMR
Pertronic Industries' 8 Way Common Relay Board is used with F16e, F100A and F120A panels where clean contacts are required instead of open collectors.

Beam Interface board
Pertronic Industries' Beam Interface board provides an interface between the System Sensor 6500RS Conventional Beam Detector (6500RS Beam Detector) and a Pertronic Loop Responder, F16e or F4 conventional panel.

Conventional Clean Contact Interface
Pertronic Industries' Conventional Clean Contact Interface allows clean-contact auxiliary relay contacts or a switch to be interfaced to Pertronic Conventional Fire Alarm panels.

Zonal Sounder Driver board
Pertronic Industries' Zonal Sounder Driver board is used to allow one or more monitored bell circuits to be activated independently for either evacuation or alert tones. Single-way and 4-way bell driver boards are available. Other combinations may be constructed by connecting the externally accessible bussed control signals.

Timer Logic Board
Pertronic Industries' Timer Logic Board (TLB) allows timing and logic functions to be carried out by a fire alarm control unit. The TLB can carry out thirty-two different \ timing or logic functions by selecting the desired function through configuration links. Features include four trigger inputs, two period-select rotary switches, two output relays, and five links for function selection.

Pertronic Industries' F4 Remote LED Mimic / Aux Relay Module F4-RMAX is an optional extra for the Pertronic F4 conventional 4-zone fire alarm panel. This board enables the fire alarm panel to drive a remote LED mimic display over an RS485 communication circuit.

Relay Board F4AUXRLY
Pertronic Industries' Relay Board to provide clean ‘Fire' and ‘Defect' outputs. The Relay Board connects to the control unit by a 4-way cable, and provides two bistable relays for ‘Fire' and ‘Defect'. Each relay has 2 sets of contacts and an ‘Isolate' switch to de-activate the relays.

The SENS-RDR Sensitivity Reader is a tool to measure the sensitivity of System Sensor model 2151BPI conventional photo-electronic smoke detectors only. The SENS-RDR sensitivity reader can also be used with the i3 series smoke detectors but CANNOT be used with other models/types of conventional smoke detectors.

Remote Programmer Test Tool & Satellite Test Unit S300RPTU (Remote Programmer Test Tool)
S300SAT (Satellite Test Unit)
The S300RPTU Remote Programming and Test Tool is designed for communication with System Sensor 300 series detectors. The S300SAT provides a radio link for communications between the S300RPTU tool and a series 300 detector over distances up to approximately 4.5m.

Remote Laser Test Unit S300RTU (Remote Laser Test Unit)
The S300RTU is a remote laser test unit for the System Sensor 300 Series detectors.

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