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Pertronic Industries' Network Control Unit (NCU) allows remote display of messages from the Pertronic Analogue Addressable panel network. The Network Control Unit allows full and direct control and interrogation of any individual panel on the network by communicating directly with the control panel and mimicking that panel’s display.

NETCARD NETCARD (F120/ F100 Panels/ LED Mimics)
NETCD-NCU (Network Control Unit,Network Display Unit, Pager, Printer and Graphics Interface)
Pertronic Industries' Network System can connect up to 32 Pertronic fire panels via a twisted pair cable using a high speed RS485 data communication loop connected to network cards at each panel. The network is fault tolerant such that a single break or short-circuit anywhere in the communication loop will not compromise the operation of the system. Additional network cards can accommodate network controllers, ancillary displays, LED mimics, printer or pager interfaces, or a graphics package interface.

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