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The Pertronic 8 Spur Analogue Addressable Isolator Board provides a simple means of converting from spurs of conventional detectors to zones of analogue addressable devices. 8 individual spurs are provided for up to 8 zones, each individually short circuit isolated from the rest of the analogue loop, such that a single short or open circuit on any spur, or the loop itself, will not affect any other spur or the remainder of the loop. The state of each isolator is visible by on board LED indicators. The Isolator Board can be used on the F100A or F120A control panel loops and does not use any analogue addressable address spaces.

Loop Cable Tester
The Pertronic Loop Cable Tester is a tool for testing loop wiring in analogue addressable fire alarm systems. It is designed for validating new loop cabling prior to connecting to a fire alarm panel, and for testing and fault-finding loops on existing systems.

The Pertronic Analogue Loop Ring Suppressor is an optional add-on designed to reduce ‘ringing noise’ that may be experienced with certain cable types.

Modbus Interface (bi-directional)
The Pertronic Modbus Interface allows bi-directional communication between a Pertronic F120A analogue addressable fire alarm control panel and one or more Modbus master devices. The Modbus Interface stores a copy of the panel’s current event queue data in a Modbus-compatible format, including all data that is accessible from the panel’s LCD display.

Pertronic Industries' General-Purpose Interface Board (GPIB) provides an interface to allow the status of an Analogue Panel (F100A or F120A) to be monitored or transmitted to a variety of devices provided by independent suppliers.

BACnet Gateway BASGLX-M1
Pertronic Industries' BACnet Gateway facilitates communication between a Pertronic F120 fire alarm panel and a Building Management System (BMS). The gateway monitors data broadcast by the fire alarm panel and reports specific items to the BMS using the BACnet protocol.

The CP500 is used to program and read addesses for the analogue 5251B-WP and 5151RB-WP weatherproof heat detectors.

Pertronic Industries' Remote LED Indicator Unit is a remote annunciator designed and manufactured by Pertronic Industries for use on System Sensor Conventional (Series 100 and 300) and Analogue (Series 200) Detectors as well as Pertronic Remote LED Indicating Heat Detectors.

Pertronic Industries' 8 Way Common Relay Board is used with F16e, F100A and F120A panels where clean contacts are required instead of open collectors.

Pertronic Industries' LED Display Relay Board is connected to the bus of a 12-way LED or Global LED display board. The LED Relay Board contains 8 non-latching relays that correspond to LED position numbers in the display.

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