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Master Unit VIBATX (Remote Vibrating Alarm Master Unit)
VIBARX (Remote Vibrating Alarm Slave Unit)
VIBPAD (Vibrating Pad)
ACPP16V1.5A (Power Pack 230V - 16V AC)

Pertronic Industries' Remote Vibrating Alarm System aims to alert and wake sleeping residents in the event of a fire alarm. It is aimed at those who may be hearing impaired and may not respond to normal auditory alerts. Operating as a self-contained system, it allows wireless communication between the fire panel and remote individual units located in bedrooms, which activate a vibrating bed-shaker unit placed under the pillow or mattress, to alert residents for immediate evacuation.

Batteries not included. The master and slave units are supplied without batteries. Each unit requires a 12 Volt 0.7 Ah gel type lead-acid battery. Please refer to the installation note for details.

Slave Unit
Vibrating Pillow Power Pack

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